Web Posts | Texas Standard

I wrote 30 web posts while I interned at Texas Standard. I transcribed the segment, made a few pull quotes per story, and searched for art to use as the post’s featured image. Stories that I wrote web posts for that I also produced are in bold.

22 May 2018: In 2006, Justin O’Connell Relearned How To Walk. Now, He Runs Marathons

23 May 2018: As Drought Spreads Across Texas, Ranchers Are Forced To Liquidate Their Stock

24 May 2018: Could Your Face Be Used Against You? and Meet The El Paso Man Who Smuggled 28 Tons Of Pot To Massachusetts

28 May 2018:  The Latest Privacy Scandal: Your Cell Phone Location Data Could Be At Risk

29 May 2018: To Succeed In High School Baseball, It Helps To Be Wealthy

30 May 2018:  As Election Nears, Mexico’s Campaign Trail Is Increasingly Bloody and A Job Made Easier With Boots

1 June 2018: The Story of An Unlikely Abilene High Football Championship Becomes A Movie

4 June 2018: The Fall Book Season Will Bring Political Memoirs Aplenty

5 June 2018: Public Apologies Are Becoming More Common, And So Is Public Cynicism

6 June 2018: This West Texas Sculpture Comes To Life At The Full Moon

7 June 2018: The Pentagon Will Use Artificial Intelligence To Find Nuclear Missiles And Predict Potential Strikes

11 June 2018: Longhorn Player’s Widow Heads To Trial In Dallas Over Lawsuit With The NCAA

26 June 2018: Before Trump’s Zero Tolerance Policy, There Was Another Tactic To Remove Immigrants

27 June 2018: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s New York Primary Win Could Bring Hope For Texas Democrats

28 June 2018: Military Bases Could House Immigrants, But An ‘Information Blackout’ Is Keeping It Under Wraps

3 July 2018: For The Second Time, Dell Will Be A Public Company

4 July 2018: SCOTUS Says Upstream States Must Reduce River Usage To Aid Downstream States During Drought

10 July 2018: More Texans Are Filing For Nonmedical Vaccine Exemptions

11 July 2018: How Willie Nelson’s Love For Texas Led Him To Give Up The Grand Ole Opry

16 July 2018: Are Economic Incentives A Good Deal For Taxpayers?

17 July 2018: How RAICES Plans To Spend $20 Million In Donations To Help Detained Families and Fighting Nature With Nature: Mosquito Assassins Are One Solution To The Problem Of Skeeters

19 July 2018: They May Be Underdogs, But Seven Texas Democrats Raised More Than Their GOP Opponents

23 July 2018: It Was The Original Austin. Now, Locals Can’t Agree How To Pronounce It. and New Efforts To Amend The Endangered Species Act Could Pose Challenges To Protecting Future Species

24 July 2018: This Bug Spreads A Disease That Might Not Show Symptoms For Years

26 July 2018: How An Electron Beam Could Protect Your Mangoes From Foreign Insects and The Upcoming Deadline To Reunify Immigrant Families Has Facilities In A ‘Mad Scramble’

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